Cheap Pallet Wrap Can Cost More in Terms of Damage to Freight

UK – EUROPE – According to pallet wrapping specialists Golden Valley, there is anecdotal evidence which suggests that Police forces across mainland Europe are robustly enforcing laws on cargo security which require anyone transporting palletised loads to be able to demonstrate that the pallet wrap used to secure each pallet has been applied to measurable parameters. Whether or not this is correct, common sense dictates that correct wrapping of pallets on certain types of freight is essential to maintain both safety and security standards.

For many shippers, the cost factor alone when insufficiently secured goods topple from a pallet is the key point to consider. Better to pay for a packaging product to a guaranteed standard, than a cheap copy which will fail at the crucial moment a fork lift offers a pallet up to the back of a vehicle, causing the goods to crash to the floor below.

At Q Ship USA, the experienced drivers who are transporting your freight will make sure that everything is packaged safe and secure. Even without the police enforcing it, good judgement and care will ensure your shipments safe arrival.

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