Q Ship USA Corp. provides superior trucking services to those in need of shipping freight anywhere in the United States and Canada. We are eager to accommodate all of the shipping needs of our customers, and provide excellent freight services and keep our customers aware of the status of their shipments.

Below is a collection of frequently asked questions that may be helpful. If you need any additional assistance, please feel free to email us at info@qshipusa.com or call us 844-774-4787.


Why choose Q Ship USA as your freight broker of choice?

We are in daily communication with the trucking and transportation industries and have the expertise to negotiate competitive freight rates while maintaining the customer’s delivery schedule. We also provide excellent service and keep our customers well-informed. We can always be reached by email or phone, one of our reps will respond with answers and solutions to any questions or problems that may arise.

Why use a freight broker?

A freight broker is in constant communication with the trucking industry, trucking carriers, and has the expertise to negotiate competitive freight rates with the carriers all while taking in account the customer’s requests.

What are your hours of operation?
Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm Est.
Closed on weekends.

What territories do you service?
We ship everywhere in the United States and Canada.


Why do I receive better rates when using a 3PL like Q Ship USA, rather than going directly to the carrier?
We work with a network of literally hundreds of carriers, searching for the best rate and service for your shipping lane which ensures that you, our client, is getting the most cost effective transport possible.


Can I track my shipment online?
Yes, with our online tracking system you will have the latest shipping status of your freight at the tip of your fingers.

How many carriers are you connected to?
We are connected to almost all national carriers, and are we are also networked with private owner operators so we can cover almost every lane in the United States.

What shipping services do you offer?
We offer LTL, Full Truckload, Rail – Intermodal, Refrigerated LTL and Truckloads and Expedited Shipping, among others. For a full list of services provided click here.

What types of industries can benefit from our freight services?
Industries that can benefit from freight services are hard to narrow down due to the fact that anything that needs to be shipped from a warehouse to another destination can use our services. (Food, furniture, clothing, wholesale items, etc…)