National Tire Safety Week

“National Tire Safety Week” has just passed and Q Ship USA would like to remind you of the importance of checking your vehicles tires before every trip.

According to Trucking Info, not only do these inspections help save lives, the cost benefit of having well maintained tires is high! Studies have shown that tire under inflation by as little as 10% can result in a 1.5% drop in fuel economy, and under inflation by 20% results in a 30% reduction in tire life.

The Rubber Manufacturers Association sponsors National Tire Safety Week as a way of raising awareness about the importance of maintaining tires in working condition.  “National Tire Safety Week is an opportunity for the tire industry to focus its collective efforts to educate motorists about the importance of proper tire care,” says Dan Zielinski, senior vice president of the Rubber Manufacturers Association. “Regular tire maintenance is critical to promoting a safe driving experience; optimizing fuel efficiency and maximizing tire tread life.”

These reasons highlight the importance of checking your tires often.According to the article, the ATA is aware from many government and industry studies that tire inflation maintenance is not good across the industry. This is the right time to be reminding drivers across the nation the significance of tire maintenance.

Here are 5 things to look out for when reviewing your tires:

1.      Inflation (Pressure Checks)

2.      Inflation (Balance Across Duals)

3.      Inflation (Automatic Tire Inflation Systems & Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

4.      Cuts & Damages

5.      Irregular Wear

With summer here, and the excessive heat it brings along, means tires will be exposed to additional damage. Spread the awareness to other drivers and technicians to improve tire quality and fuel economy. “Nobody likes tire maintenance, but it’s critical to safe and profitable operation.”

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