Trucking Safety Must Be A Higher Priority For The U.S, NTSB Says


Trucking Safety Must Be A Higher Priority For The U.S, NTSB Says.

By Jorge Garzon


Trucking fatalities have increased in large numbers over the past four years, as highway regulators have failed to act upon more than 100 recommendations to improve truck and trucker safety.

Being in the era of technology, priorities must change in 2015 in regards to trucking safety. Anti- auto collision technology is now on the market. There must be better limits on driver hours and tightened regulations of trucking companies with high accident rates.

In June, 2014, a truck belonging to a large chain store crashed into a limo van on the NJ Turnpike which was occupied by famous personalities.  The crash left five seriously injured and one dead. When investigators examined the truck driver’s log book, they came to realize that he had been awake for more than 24 consecutive hours before the accident. The driver rear ended the limo van with his 18 wheeler by going 65mph in a 45mph zone at the time of the accident.

In the lawsuit against the chain store, the attorneys stated: “They were careless and negligent in the ownership and operation of its motor vehicle, which caused many to suffer severe personal injuries.”

This accident shed new light in regards to America’s 2 million truckers who are involved in crashes that kill almost 4,000 people a year. The National Transportation Safety Board director Donald Karol said “There’s a whole suite of technology that’s ready to help reduce crashes.”

The NTSB is urging truckers to make it a mandatory feature on all trucks to use sensors to warn truck drivers when they’re about to strike someone from behind or to alert the driver when a vehicle changes lanes.

The NTSB, which examines transportation accidents, has no regulatory authority. It uses its annual Most Wanted Transportation Improvements List to highlight the areas most in need of improvement. This year it focuses on lowering the amount of distracted, drug and alcohol impaired, or fatigued drivers.

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